Most of HIV/AIDS positive patients die for Tuberculosis ‘unknowingly’- Ministry of Health – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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Rwandan Ministry of health is calling upon all HIV/AIDS positive patients to search for regular medical care as to avoid related non curable diseases including tuberculosis. It informs that most of the HIV/AIDS positive patients die for tuberculosis without grasping that it is HIV/AIDS originated.

The Rwanda Biomedical Center’s Francine Byukusenge said that the center undertook an program of alerting people about the symptoms of the tuberculosis as to allow them to search for medical treatment earlier.

She said that HIV/AIDS positive are most vulnerable to get contaminated by the tuberculosis, thus urging them to get diagnosed about it and get medical treatment earlier.

One of the HIV/AIDS patients named John Nzabakurana reveals that most of his colleagues are reluctant to get diagnosed the tuberculosis.

Once we are aware of being HIV/AIDS positive, we think getting its generic medical treatment is enough, we don’t search tuberculosis medical care, he said.

In 2017, the RBC counted not less than 7 211 HIV/AIDS positive patients, among whom 1 800 ones suffered from the tuberculosis.


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