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Maj Vital Uwumuremyi accuses BBC for having broadcasted news that ‘he intentionally urinated upon Ntaganda’ plate’ broadcasted  on 20, Sept, 2013 .

“I need that money”: Major Uwumuremyi in court ,in middle

Major Uwumuremyi asks for a compensation of 30 million Rwandan francs. On its side, the British Broadcasting Corporation asks 17 million Rwandans francs for the fact that they have been involved in legal matters unnecessarily.

Donatien Murenzi, lawyer of Uwumuremyi Vital claims that BBC did not express his client’s thought during its recent shows thus committing an ethical error that deserves to be handled in court. “This is   serious liar and unprofessional”.  Murenzi continues thus, Uwumuremyi needs a compensation equivalent to 30 million RwF.

The defender of BBC, Lawyer Richard Mugisha denies the truthfulness of Uwumuremyi’ utterances that BBC’s report was unprofessional

According to BBC, the story was based on an on-ground interview between a detainee with a BBC reporter.The detainee  affirmed that  Uwumuremyi did  the thing.

“We went to the direction of the prison to search for additional news but they denied saying that was not true “, the Agency reveals. BBC adds that the General Direction of the prison denied access to BBC reporter in order to ask for additional proofs.

For the BBC, this is an insult to its journalists and the BB Corporation claims 17 millions Rwf as a compensation for this bad image Uwumuremyi has attacked to BBC’ reputation.