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Rwandan Minister of infrastructures James Musoni urged African engineers who were gathered in Kigali Convention Center to improve their products and make long lasting ones. He said that during the closing remarks he delivered to them today.

440 participants swore in as to become active members of the African Engineers Association

Minister Musoni warned them that if they make fake products they will soon or later harm users and have damaging outcomes.

As the 4th UNESCO Engineering Week and 2nd Africa Engineering Conference was kicking off in Kigali, 440 members took an oath.

They include the executive committee members, engineers who formerly operate in Rwanda among others.

Participants were urged to apply the insights learnt throughout this three conference as to strength the confidence that the general public has on them.

Minister James Musoni said that all the infrastructures they elaborate should be strong enough to avoid ultimate disasters resulting from collapsing hazards.

Applying international standards governing engineering will help you achieve this important endeavor, he told them.

He informed them that Rwanda has made significant advances in applying the international engineering standards especially in waste management and recycling.

This resulted from the fact that the Rwandan government elaborated and applied significant policies to safeguard environment from the mismanagement of the waste, especially the plastic ones.

The waste management starts from the household level, he said.

The engineers from African countries were in Rwanda since Monday this week.

The oath was made by all of the 440 members who came from across Africa
Their faces spread the spirit of joy
The swearing in ceremony took place in the Kigali Convention center
Julius Kiungu is the Head of the FIEK as well as the CEO of African Engineers Association labeled FAEO
Eng George Sitali from Zambia
The new appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of infrastructures Eng  Henry Uwihanganye

Rwandan Minister of infrastructures Musoni James calls upon the African engineers to produce long lasting items