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In the ongoing saga that is the Michael  Jackson wrongful death trial, a new testimony via a video deposition played  for the jurors on Monday, July 8, from a doctor who trekked with the King of  Pop’s 1993 “Dangerous” tour. Dr. Stuart Finklestein recounted the incidents that  led him to believe that Jackson had an addiction to pain medication back then. 

Late Micheal Jackson

His first suspicion came when Jackson called him into his hotel suite and asked him to administer painkillers for a severe headache he was having, which he  ended up addressing with an intravenous morphine drip within 24-hours prior to  Jackson’s Bangkok, Thailand concert. He was supposed to just give him a shot of  Demerol on the buttocks but they were  already “so scarred up and abscessed that the needle almost bent.”

Dr.  Finklestein detailed how Jackson was wearing another opiate Duragesic patch and  how a longtime make-up artist and hairstylist gave him two ampules of Demerol.  He said he told the concert promoters his thoughts on Jackson’s addiction but  these were just dismissed, even by friend, AEG executive Paul Gongaware.
Gongaware responded to him by saying, “Don’t be a Dr. Nick,” in  reference to the physician who supplied the late Elvis  Presley with prescription drugs leading to the King of Rock & Roll’s  death. Gongaware just warned him “don’t get all infatuated where you start  administering drugs to a rock star and having him die on you.”

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