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The president of National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC), Bishop John Rucyahana, has told the Senate that marginalized people still face so many problems that any other Rwandan shouldn’t live with.

Bishop John Rucyahana pinpoints to the senate that marginalized people’s lifestyle is barbaric

While shedding more light upon the commission’s report in last 2017/2018 financial year as well as the 2018/2019 goals, on this Monday, he said that marginalized people are segregated to the extent that they live together distanced with others.
He also underscores that they live in hardship and that their houses are out-of-date.

“They are Rwandans like others. They live in a country that gives a great value to its citizens who ought not to be hungry,” He adds.

He says their lifestyle is barbaric and that it should be excommunicated.

“There are other countries in which you can’t even keep your cattle in such houses of which we were shown, where those brethren of ours live.” He says.

Owing to the report, one of the biting problems that marginalized face, is their backward ideology towards different programs.

According to Senator Jean Damascène Ntawukuriryayo, their ideology has nothing to do in case they still live in extreme poverty.

“If am poor, without any thing to eat, I don’t know if I can understand anything. The only reason that we don’t put an end to this problem, is that we want to solve it in a way that we shouldn’t. You can’t understand anything (change your mindset) if you do lack all these (that they lack) you mentioned,” The senator pinpointed.

Another senator backed him saying they should be helped to get food and live in harmony as others and that it’s the only sure fire way to thoroughly solve the problem.

Recently, the senate chose a special commission that is responsible for pondering over the problems hampering the lives of marginalized people in all districts.

As yet, marginalized people are estimated to be about 36 thousand countrywide.

Senators agreed that the government should act quickly to solve problems hampering the lives of marginalized people



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