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 During his visit to Israel H.E President Paul Kagame  met 30 Rwandan students in Israel that undergo studies in agriculture issues  offered through close partnership between the Ministry of Agriculture of Rwanda and Israel.

President Kagame posing with Rwandan students in Israel

The President is in Jerusalem, Israel, to attend the fifth Israel Presidential Conference themed “The Human Factor in Shaping Tomorrow”.

While meeting the students, President Kagame encouraged them to make the best out of their training in Israel.

“Your mission here is to build relationships that will be a foundation that links people of both our nations and to gain the kind of knowledge that will lead to results and transformation in your field,” said Kagame.

Ernest Nshimiyimana, on behalf of other students thanked the Head of State for his good leadership and shared their common vision to implement what they have learned by establishing an irrigation project on returning to Rwanda at the end of their studies.

Meanwhile, on the second day of his three-day visit to Israel, the President Kagame met leaders from Israeli private and public sectors with whom he shared Rwanda’s journey and told them that with the will of the people, no challenge is insurmountable.

“Rwanda’s story is about more than just a socio-economic process. It is about rebuilding a society that had been shattered. We have seen that it is possible, with the will of the people, no challenge is insurmountable,” he said.

He explained that he has seen how far people have come in Rwanda and with partnerships the process can only be accelerated.

He told them that over a five-year period, Rwanda reduced poverty levels by about 13 per cent and raised one million people out of poverty through initiatives like performance contracts (imihigo) which spur competitiveness and social protection and poverty eradication mechanisms such as Girinka.

President Kagame was also a guest of honour at an event hosted by Anne Heyman, the founder of Agahozo Shalom, alongside Yosef Abramowitz, the founder of Energiya Global, who has partnered to provide renewable energy to Agahozo Shalom Youth Village in the Eastern Province.

Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin welcomed President Kagame to Israel and expressed his country’s interest in finding additional ways to strengthen bilateral ties and share solutions to common challenges.

The President and First Lady also attended a reception held in honour of President Shimon Peres’ 90th Birthday.

Source:News of Rwanda

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