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This happens after the contract signed by Coach Luc Eymael and the Rayon Sports team was aborted. According to the SuperSports , the coach will be returning the AFC Leopards from  Kenya.

Eymael Luc
Eymael Luc

According to the Supersports, The AFC Leopards management staff has called upon the coach to return in Kenya and train one of the most popular football teams in Kenya.

One of the Managers of AFC Leopards said that the current coach is not chosen to keep training the AFC Leopards in the coming championship season.

A the end of the past phase of the championship, Morgan was  chased away and Juma Abdalla was assuming the interim of the missing coach.

The manager continued affirms that Luc is willing to return back and continue his carrier with a team that he knows very well.

The first face-to-face meeting with the AFC Leopards and Luc Eymael is scheduled to take place today to discuss on the first deal.