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Rwandan Minister of foreign affairs Louise Mushikiwabo has re-affirmed that Rwanda and USA will keep nurturing strong partnership with USA during the upcoming presidency of newly elected Donald Trump.

Rwandan Minister of foreign affairs Louise Mushikiwabo
Rwandan Minister of foreign affairs Louise Mushikiwabo

She said that during a press conference held this Thursday as the Ministry of Affairs Office. She talked about different aspects of Rwanda diplomacy including the regional issues.

The President Donald Trump was elected in controversial manners as some of the USA’ citizens expressed their discomfort with Trump’s electoral campaign and elections.

In the early days of his campaign Donald Trump highlighted his political aspirations about some issues concerning USA such as migration, terrorism, international trade, among others.

Minister Mushikiwabo told media that the Ministry of foreign affairs has congratulated the new President Donald Trump for his elections and wished him fruitful functions and close partnership.

She thereafter said that the USA elections have shown that citizens’ wishes are the main pillar any democracy is built upon.

The people’s wishes should be the key for any political endeavor, she said.

Mushikiwabo said that what happened in USA released a strong lesson to African leaders.

 Min. Mushikiwabo urged that this is what Rwandan government chose to apply as political line to follow, namely ‘to execute its citizens’ wishes and aspirations.’

Rwanda and USA have nurtured strong ties for 20 years ago and both countries are willing to keep them alive and mutually beneficial.


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