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RPF-Inkotanyi candidate, Paul Kagame, yesterday called on residents in Southern Province’s Huye District to vote for him during the August 4 presidential election and pledged to continue to steering the country on its continued path to progress.

The RPF candidate addressing the gathering in Huye district

Kagame met thousands of supporters in Huye near the district’s main stadium in the middle of Huye town, where they sung about his heroism and good policies as they also promised to vote him back in the top office.

The candidate visited Huye as he continued his campaign trail in the Southern Province where he also met voters in Nyamagabe and Kamonyi districts on Day Three of the presidential campaigns.

He told Huye voters that his campaign is about recognising the work already done by the RPF to develop the country as well as reflect on future plans that the party has to sustain the progress.

“What we are doing today is to reflect on what we have achieved and the plans we have for the future,” he said.

He added that Rwanda is now a more unified country thanks to the RPF’s policies and that citizens are now ready to move steadily towards their much needed economic development.

“Rwandans went through history of divisions but today we are building our unity, security, and the kind of development that leaves no one behind,” he said.

“God didn’t create us so we can be poor. God did not gift those more developed than us with more abilities. It is bad policies that keep us in poverty,” he said, promising good government policies under his leadership.

“The opportunity is here. The important thing is to use it well. When you use the opportunity you have well, more opportunities show up because good things attract more good things,” he said.

He told young people at the rally that his government will continue to empower them with a proper education and support.

“The opportunities I wish for the youth also mean happy retirement for senior citizens. The chances we are giving to the youth will also translate into the happiness of all Rwandans,” he said.

Huye residents at the rally yesterday seemed ready for the election and promised Kagame that their votes will go to him because he has helped them improve their lives.

Local agribusiness entrepreneur Venuste Bakundukize testified how he prospered under RPF-led government, thanks to President Kagame’s encouragement and consistent advice.

His rice processing plant, Kinazi Rice Mill, currently grinds four tonnes of rice per hour and the businessman has become both a successful entrepreneur and local philanthropist who has provided electricity to his close neighbours using private means.

The Governor of the Southern Province, former Member of Parliament Marie-Rose Mureshyankwano, said that Kagame is a unique leader and that the RPF is a special family.

She told Huye residents that the well prepared marshlands for productive agriculture, their well organised taxi park, as well as a clean city of Huye were achieved thanks to the work of the RPF.

She encouraged all residents to vote for Kagame back in the top office to ensure the progress achieved to date is sustained.

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