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Be ready to entertain with us! As usual it was in Saturday, a very hot Saturday.Nyanza waited to dance ,drink and laugh as joyful children celebrating Christmas. Stars from Kigali city dressed in different styles and colors arrived at Nyanza,aiming at shaking the stadium and making sure that everyone realizes to which extent Rwandan music industry has developed.

Here we go!!



Nyanza stadium full of fans.Wonderful!
Mister Tino and Miss Anita, MCs, as always on time

Kamichi featuring Gisa cy’Inganzo performed first.

Kamichi!! Hiiii guuuuyz.Can you people raise your handz higheeeer and wideeer???
No air no dance! Refresh yourself!
Oh my God! I can’t believe this!Thank you Mum.God bless you.
Urban Swagga! We never create Kelele. WE sing and YOU vote!
The Black in The Urban scene :We bought Ibitenge for you!.
The Motherboard,Green BULL2G
Tough Gangz 4 ever!
Amazing International Hits, Erik Sendeli

Mature dancers brought their kids to socialize  with melodies.Nyanza people are the  lovely ones.

Let us dance!.Life is short! you never know!
Go higher Sendeli ! Nyanza is for Abarayon Sport.
Please Rejoice! This is Knowless. Your beloved One

Yes ,Of course .She is Nyanza’ Sweetheart

Don’t Worry Sister.We belong together!

Rujugiro has sworn to never let Knowless walk alone.

Rujugiro: Number Ten is Number One.I am your Billboard.Know It.


Let enjoy this cold and  lovely drink.The event is all about this!

After  people reinvigorated their bodies it is time for Christopher to come and bring the ambiance even higher

Christopheriser .The upriser.Nyanza loves your soft and inspiring voice.
Akamunani Rapper,This is Hip-Hop and AGAIN DANNY is here for YOU TO VOTE

Join me on stage!

I am a Rwandan Eminem!Time 4 Hip-Hop has come

After surviving a relatively damaging accident,the thunder rapper Fireman is back and in fire.

The Batman,the Fireman!
Look at me I am the Fire,the real one,The Tough
Welcome Dreamer Boyz ! Very long time ! Keep it up.
The Riderman,the Rwandafulman

With Ibisumizi thunders and all stars ,Riderman was the chief of stage.

The Chief of staff.The Wiserman rides the troop.

Oh my God!The party ends by here.What?No !the party will continue next week at Karongi stadium.Did you hear?At Karongi. Please be there and vote for favorite stars.

Roger Mark Rutsindukanumurego & Muzogeye Plaisir