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The two chambers of parliament  with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), in collaboration with the Rwanda private sector association agreed on the fact  that laws regulating doing business and investment in Rwanda have made a great contribution to the quick development of Rwanda.

Ambasodor Rugwabiza
Ambassador Rugwabiza Valentine

It is said that one of major factors which made Rwandan and even foreign investors  fearful to invest in Rwanda related to rigid  and unclear laws of doing business and investment in Rwanda.

Therefore from the last 10 years the government of Rwanda has been creating new and renovating laws of doing business and investment.

Some laws like the one regulating the use of real estate and mining, laws of borders removal and the other one of land registration are said to be helpful to business people and investors.

All these laws helping business people and investors helped Rwanda to come from the 150th to the 32nd country in facilitating and promoting investment in Rwanda . It also helps the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) to register 5000 new companies in less than recent  six years.

Hon BWIZA Connie, a member of parliament says that all these laws were used to make businesses  more  attractive to business professionals and help the government to regulate them as to help people  pay taxes regularly and smoothly.

The Director General of the Rwanda development board Ambassador Valentine Rugwabiza appreciated much how laws of doing business in Rwanda are set .

“Laws of business not only help business people to be professional but also attract investors from abroad to come and do their business in Rwanda” said Rugwabiza.

On the side of the private sector Mr. Mukubu  Gerard the Director of the Rwandan private sector says that laws governing doing business in Rwanda  helped much in business implementation and in conflict resolution between either business owners themselves or between private sector and public institutions in case they happen.

The collaboration of the law makers, the private sector members  and the Rwanda Development  Board is good trio which can makes Rwanda go in  a quick and sustainable  development.