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The judge in chief in the High court located in Kimihurura decided that the footballer Robert Ndatimana should be released after close examination of the papers accusing him to have raped an underage teen and impregnated her and found that allegations were empty.

The footballer was found innocent and released
The footballer was found innocent and released

The fact was that the girl was mature at the time ‘the alleged rape’ was committed. The footballer was jailed for a 30 days before the open judgment resumes.

Robert Ndatimana was accused by the father of the said teenager called Keza Hornella to have had sexual intercourse with her while she was a minor.

In the preceding court hearings, the prosecution was affirming that the accused have managed to have sex with an under age girl but the judge in chief concluded that the allegations against the footballer are baseless.

He therefore ordered to release him.

Alongside him ( Ndatimana) were many of re-known Rwandan footballers who came to hear what waited him but, fortunately he was released.

Ndatimana played in different football teams including Rayon Sports and Police FC, among others.


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