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From 30, August, 2013, RURA in partnership with Kigali City have launched a new system of transport in Kigali City. Three transport companies won the tender .These firms are Kigali Bus Services (KBS),Rwanda Federation of Transport Cooperatives(RFTC)and Royal Express.

Major Regis Gatarayiha of RURA
Major Regis Gatarayiha of RURA.

As Kigali grows economically, transport becomes an increasing issue that needs to be handled. Yesterday The City of Kigali and Rwanda Utility Regulatory Authority(RURA) awarded the above firms with the deal to operate in this sector and improve it.

Passengers hope that this will improve the transport services as to help them arrive on their respective workplaces on time, something that was not done before.

Zones to Cover:

-Zone One allocated to KBS covers Remera-Kanombe Masaka,Kabuga,Kicukiro Centre ,Kicukiro Sonatubes ,Rwandex,Gikondo,Nyenyeli,Bwerankoli,Downtown Park and Nyabugogo Tax Park.

-Zone Two allocated to Royal Express will cover Kicukiro Centre ,Kagarama(Muyange),Karembure,Nyanza,Gahanga,Gatenga,MAGERWA,Nyenyeli,Sonatubes,Gishushu,Kacyiru,Kimirinko,Chez Lando,Downtown Park and Nyabugogo Tax Park,

-Zone Three allocated to RFTC  covers Kimironko,Bibare,Kimironko Prison,Mushumba Mwiza,KIE,Amahoro Studium,Controle Physique,RDB ,

-Zone Four won by RFTC will cover Nyamirambo,Rwarutabura,Mageragere,Nyacyonga,Rutunga,Karuruma,Gihogwe,Jali,Jabana,Nduba and Nyabugogo

Mayor Fidel Ndayisaba of Kigali City.
Mayor Fidel Ndayisaba of Kigali City.

Mayor Fidel Ndayisaba of Kigali City said that this new system will improve transport services delivery as firms are required to provide quality services otherwise measures to replace them with new ones can be adopted.

Major Gatarayiha of RURA said  this comes as solution to delays that passengers endured.

“We hope this new system will help passengers arrive to their respective working places on time“said Major Gatarayiha.

Firms are required to start services from 5 AM and stop at 11 PM everyday.Major Gatarayiha said that every five minutes a bus is required  to pass and take passengers

Col Twahirwa Rudovic,the Manager of RFTC ,said that his firm is ready to deliver  quality services as required in both zones(III and IV).

“We can even work 24 hours to ensure good services to our clients” said Col Twahirwa

Three CEO of the firms that won the tender
Three CEO of the firms that won the tender

In Kigali,according to statistics, 200.000 passengers take  tax daily. Kigali has 800 mini buses,250 coaster buses and 40 big buses dispatched in different  corners of the city.

Daddy Sadiki RUBANGURA 


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