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The exhibition was launched yesterday in Kigali and is attended by varying Non-Governmental Organizations operating in various aspects of national life. The event is co-organized by APEX center with the sponsorship of the Rwanda Governance Board in collaboration with the Network of international Non-Governmental Organizations in Rwanda (NINGOs).

The representative of the World Relief Albert Ndacahinyeretse said that one of the key missions of the NGO is assist the neediest people across the globe.

Ndacahinyeretse added that their assistance equally involves providing clean water to people living in remote areas as well as delivering the agricultural needed inputs (fertilizers, skills and modernized crops)

He revealed that this exhibition is an effective opportunity to knot effective and lasting relations with other NGO officials for a future cooperation.

Another person from the SOS said that their focus is on improving children’s living conditions through material and psychological assistance.

Rose Iyadede told Umuseke that there are some banks that are eager to assist children to grow their economic endeavors even from their early age.

Another representative from The Women’s Bakery organization underlined their commitment to grow business spirit among rural and urban women.

We build their business development capacity. The NGO assists them in satisfying basic needs including sanitation (clean water) and job creation.

The Director in the RGB in charge of civil society and religious organizations Ignatius Kangwage said that such joint exhibition helps NGOs to came together and learn from each other.

Kangwage informed that this exhibition will be an annual event.

Ignatius Kabagambe speaking during the event
Justus Kangwage delivering his speech