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Yesterday,13, September,in Kicukiro District a grenade has blasted and killed one person and wounded fourteen in the corridor area of the local market in Kicukiro.

The path where the blasts happened
The path where the blasts happened.

The wounded ones are under medical care care in CHUK and Faisal Hospital. The dead person was a worker who lifts heavy items in the market.

While the RNP says that fourteen people were wounded, witnesses affirm that more than that were wounded.

The real area where the grenade happened
The real area where the grenade happened

The Spokesperson of RNP ,ACP Damas Gatare told Umuseke reporter that three suspects are arrested for further investigation.

He assured Rwandans that the situation is under control by all security keeping forces. He urged them to keep attending their daily activities as security is generally kept across the nation.

For him these grenade blasts will not hinder the effective conduct of the upcoming elections.

The blood to the land
The blood to the land.
This has a spoiled glass
This has a spoiled glass.



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