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This is a private company that is bound to help young Deaf people acquire knowledge and practical skills that are useful in development of bee keeping businesses. It was founded by Kanimba Marcellin and Donna Hackley with the purpose of teaching Deaf people how to construct modern bee hives and use modern methods of bee keeping in order to maximally produce high quality honey.

Kanimba Marcellin and her business partner Donna Hackley living in USA

Students from the GS ADB School (Nyarutarama) are also some of those ones who benefit from the above mentioned training. Beneficiaries learn about honey extraction and packaging techniques, fabrication of wax products such as candles and lotions.

Pure harvested honey and beehives are sold by the company in order to earn money to be put into varying projects aimed at empowering its beneficiaries.

They also sell langstroth hives, Kenyan hives, queen multiplication hives and special hives. They sell candles, honeycombs, beeswax and lotion. The company also cares for the Deaf students in different challenges they encounter. This includes even providing them with meals and accommodation.

In other related company activiites, K+H Hillop Honey Ltd educates a cooperative made up of 15 women from Kamonyi about modern bee keeping techniques, an added knowledge that is helping them improve their livelihoods.

In further fulfilling its social responsibility, the company also supports efforts aimed at helping Rwandan youth who suffer from alcohol dependence to rehab and return to normal life.

Young people learning how to make beehives
The honey produced is packaged for further safe consumption
Young people are thankful to those who educated them more about bee keeping
This the logo of the company that teaches young people and women a social and economic transfromation
Honey is one of medical products that human being should regularly consume
Most of them are still young. They are eager to learn more about professional courses for a better future
Candles made up by honey based products
This product is of a paramount importance for consumers who wish to remain healthy
Women making a cooperative in Kamonyi district are among the beneficiaries
These are modern bee hives installed at Muyumbu, Rwamagana District, Eastern Province 
The trainees posing for a photo after receiving their certificates