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During a press conference held today the Head of State  Paul Kagame expressed his views about different issues both at national and international scenes.

President Kagame during the press conference
President Kagame during the press conference


About the local cases that concern Rwandan affairs, President Kagame talked about the recent successive resignations of different mayors who, after such resignations, claim that they resigned for their own reasons.

The head of State said that the ones, who resign, do so due to different cases relating the irresponsibility to serve the people’s interests.

For the President, resigning from one’s duties rely on the political accountability that is meant to characterize the transparency.

President Kagame added that the ones who misused their political posts should bear responsibility and be prosecuted accordingly.

Regarding the economic growth, the Head of State reminded the reporters that more has been  achieved but, still, the journey remains too long to walk in as to eradicate the poverty through different means and techniques including building and strengthening the private sector, among others.

Adding to this, President Kagame called upon all people who claim that Rwanda does not have sufficient beneath minerals to extract to come to Rwanda and eye witness mines and miners doing their daily jobs.

Regarding the pace at which the national economy is increasing, President Kagame said economic progress of Rwanda has come from nothing and has reached a remarkable level where Rwandans feel confident for their land.

Nevertheless, the Head of state focused on the fact that more needs to be done in the present as well as in the future to accelerate the national economy.

Underlining the necessity of ensuring medical care to all Rwandans, especially mothers and children who during the giving birth, the Head of State Paul Kagame said that all needed efforts will be provided to eradicate all cases that have caused and still cause maternal deaths.


The mostly discussed issue at international scene was linked to the recent Charlie Hebdo’s gunning committed by extremist Muslims in Paris. The Head of state said that the most important thing to do is to assess the root causes of all of that.

He blamed for the killers who gunned down the cartoonists as well as those cartoonists who used their freedom of expression to draw Prophet Muhammad while they knew to would cause an outrage.

President Kagame told journalists that Rwandan mandate in the UN Security council has been fruitful and benefited both to Rwandans, to Africans as well as to the rest of the world.

The FDLR case was tackled by the President Kagame who said that if other negative forces including the Burundian FNL have been militarily destroyed but the FDLR remains active, this shows the unwillingness to disarm this political and military party.

He however ensured Rwandans that nothing harmful will befall them coming from outside, adding that this is the only way to deal with this situation.

He said that the way the international community dealt with the FDLR’s issue ‘was not helpful at all’. I would was to be confident that things were to be solved, depending on the history.

And what happened relating to FDLR was not helpful at all. Regarding the EAC integration process and related summits, the Head of State stressed the importance of keeping the collaboration of the EAC member states to achieve the goals.

President Kagame talked to different cases that concern the national life including the last  year’ scandal that happened in the Ferwafa where the national Amavubi national team was disqualified due to tricky issues where a Congolese player was given a Rwandan name to play for the Amavubi.

For him, some of the Ferwafa’ senior officials might have stepped down.

The Head of State listening to a question of journalists
The Head of State listening to a question of journalists
Ministers Mushikiwabo and Kaboneka
Ministers Mushikiwabo and Kaboneka


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