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The R&B star, 32, had been whale-watching on the rented vessel, which was following a commercial tour, when the captain lost sight of the other ship.

Kelly Rowland ,the Survivo

The group was stranded amid six-foot waves, with fog rolling in, according to an employee at one of the firms that rescued the group.

They alerted the coast guard off Provincetown, Massachusetts, and a towboat was sent to steer them the 30 miles back to shore.

The former Destiny’s Child singer ended up spending 12 hours at sea and arrived back at shore around 10pm on Friday.

The employee of TowboatUS said the passengers were “tired and thankful”, adding: “They just wanted to get off the boat.”

Pictures thought to have been taken earlier in the day, show the singer o

She had captioned the snaps: “Loving P-Town!!!!!! The happiest place on Earth!”

and “Me and my girl Christina Spencer, the Chef at Victor’s in P-Town!!! This food is absolutely amazing!”

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