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Residents of Murama, Mwiri and Murundi sectors in Kayonza District have expressed concern over the increasing  shortage of clean water in the villages.

The shortage is attributed to  the prevailing dry season, which several residents fear  may even  dry up all the wells in the area that remain their single source of water.

A cross section of residents who spoke to The New Times on Wednesday in Murundi Sector, expressed concerns over the  acute water scarcity in the area.

Jean Mbonyumukiza, a resident of Murundi Sector, urged  district authorities to intervene and fix the problem. He called for the provision of hand pumps to enhance access to potable water in the area.

“We struggle to get water from distant wells and swamps, which is dangerous to our health,” he said.

Claudine Mukandayisenga, a primary school teacher, said residents trek long distances to fetch water.

He said several residents rely on rainwater, noting that when it doesn’t rain, they have to trek close to 15 kilometres in search of water.

The vice-mayor in charge of economic affairs in the district, Benoit Sikubwabo, said the problem was temporary.

He said the district had increased budget allocation for water to address the problem.

Residents also attributed increasing rape cases in the area to shortage of water, which exposes women and girls as they walk long distances to fetch water.

Source: The New Times