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Farmers from the Kabarondo sector in Kayonza district blame an entrepreneur who provided them with a fake maize crop to have had the poor harvest. They equally blame local leaders at the sector level who didn’t control the quality of the maize before being  given to them.

Kabarondo farmers express their concerns about the poor maize harvest
Kabarondo farmers express their concerns about the poor maize harvest

At the other side, the  authorities explain the poor harvest is rooted on the hot sunny season that undermined the area.

Farmers expressed the concerns on the fact that the poor harvest endangers their lives as  food security becomes weaker, children becoming the most vulnerable.

One of the farmers called Ladislas Gasana points that local leaders are the ones to blame as they brought them with fake maize  seeds and this resulted into a poor harvest.

At his side, the sector manager in charge of identity Marie Chantal Muhinkindi  affirmed that the poor harvest of the maize should not be connected only to the sector’s management but also to unfavorable  weather conditions.

She equally blamed the entrepreneur who purchased the poor seeds and didn’t communicate it to the sector officials earlier before its use.

Muhinkindi promised locals that the sector’s management is ready to carry out further investigation on the issue and try to rectify it for farmers’ future well being.