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The Ministry of Culture and Sports has, yesterday, entrusted the management of a newly build Genocide Memorial Centre to the District officials. Minister Uwacu Julienne informed that the misuse of this building worthy of 300 million Rwf would be a serious loss and burden.

Min Uwacu Julienne urges the Kamonyi management to be aware of the use of this newly built centre
Min Uwacu Julienne urges the Kamonyi management to be aware of the use of this newly built centre

The management of the building will be responsible of gathering different tools and facts related to the Genocide atrocities committed against Tutsis in 1994 who lived in Southern Province.

Staff who will be working in the building will be carrying out research on different cases related to Genocide, including archives among others.

The Ministry of culture and supports chose to entrust the management of the building in the responsibility of district of Kamonyi after finding that it faced destructive process due to time.

Since its completion, the building was not used and it started being spoiled. This alarmed that Ministry of culture as an executive organ responsible of the management of genocide memorial sites.

On April this year when Rwandans commemorated the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in an event held in the South Province, Min Uwacu reminded locals to take care of this newly built facility so that it may not be useless while its construction targeted a noble purpose.

The CEO of the CNLG, Dr Bizimana Jean Damascène underlined the fact the first step is to rehabilitate the building before the research starts.

The Governor of the Southern Province Munyantwali Alphonse promised that all necessary steps for its use are gathered and that its use will be operational  before the upcoming 1994 genocide commemoration event.

Locals welcomed the decision but claimed that the photos of their beloved ones provided to the district management to be displayed in the memorial centre went missing.

The Memorial centre embodies a memorial site where 40 thousands of bodies of Tutsis massacred in the Genocide are resting in peace.

Its forefront started to get spoiled
Its forefront started to get spoiled