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The State Secretary in England in charge of International cooperation Justine Greening is expected to visit Rwanda today 19th, June, 2013. She comes in Rwanda to witness how effectively the aid that DFID provides to Rwanda is managed.

Justine Greening, DFID manager

DFID convoys its financial aid to Rwanda through different development projects. Prime Minister is the one to receive her at Kigali International Airport as made public by the Prime Minister’ Office.

Her visit comes few months after Great Britain stopped its budget support to Rwanda accusing it to support the M23 rebels in Eastern DRC.

Mr Andrew Mitchell, the former Secretary of State in charge of foreign cooperation supported the motion that Rwanda should be given its usual budget support.

This brought controversy in British government .Afterwards, The British Aid was released once again through different NGO that support development in Rwanda instead of being directly attached to National Budget.

Great Britain supports remarkably Rwandan development initiatives and across African countries.



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