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Josephine Nyirangendahimana is overwhelmingly joyful after giving birth to a baby boy in Kirinda hospital. She previously endured four miscarriages and was keen to see her newborn alive.

Nyirangendahimana is highly joyful after giving birth to a baby boy

Nyirangendahimana spent four months waiting for her newborn and in intensive care from nurses.

In 2013 she got married with Emmanuel Iyakaremye and the couple lived in Kigali city Nyarugenge district, Mageragere sector, Nyaruyenzi cell.

Her struggle to give birth to a healthy baby took her to many hospitals and health centers but in vain

Despite of vain results she never lost hope that one day she will have a living baby.

Neighbors told her that her miscarriages were caused curses from witchdoctors living in the neighborhood.

She advises women to consult do medical doctors during their pregnancy period and avoid believing that the miscarriages are curses from witchdoctors.

Nyirangendahimana is thankful to medical staff that took her in charge as she waited for her newborn.

The Head of Kirinda Hosptal Dr Byamukama Emmanuel said that the fact that Nyirangendahimana has given birth to a baby boy is a good news to the entire medical staff of Kirinda Hospital.

The medical staff of Kirinda Hospital comprises of four doctors, 43 nurses and midwives.

It has 144 beds for patients.

Nurses are joyful for the job done with the birth of the babe boy
She endured four miscarriages


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