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The company called ‘Job in Rwanda’ has gathered 800 young job searchers with prospective employers from different companies. The event has taken place in Serena Hotel, Kigali Yesterday. The aim was to connect job searchers with job providers in order to diminish the employment rate among the youth.

Rwandan youth suffers from a remarkable unemployment.
Rwandan youth suffers from a remarkable unemployment rate.

The rate of unemployment mostly affects the youth who has graduated from different local universities.

It is in this perspective that the Job in Rwanda Company got idea to join both job searchers and job providers, meaning Rwandan Diaspora employers with young Rwandan people living abroad who befits in different job positions in Rwanda.

Before coming in Rwanda, a website  was used as means of linking job seekers and employers. After three years, face-to face meeting brought together  in Kigali Serena Hotel around 800 young people having  come with job letters, C.Vs and ready for interviews with job providers.

Diana Ingabire Karemano, the coordinator of the event said about 10% of those who used this way to get jobs using online means, have managed to get jobs that they were looking for.

The youth involved  in the  event appreciated the initiative and called upon the rest of the youth to try this means because of its effectiveness, they told UM– USEKE.

The youth lauds the  initiatives Rwandan government has taken in setting up  vocational training centers are to help the youth acquire needed working skills that enable them to economically growth and cater for their daily necessities.

Alain Joseph Mbarushimana