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Rwanda and Japan are close partners in different social and economic endeavors including the development of the electricity infrastructures. It is in this regard that Japan has contributed to the construction of a power plant in Musha sector, Rwamagana district as to allow the electricity users get enough power to use in their daily businesses. The Japanese financial contribution is worthy 25 million $.

The Japanese Ambassador inspecting the substation

This contribution was used in innovating existing substations as well as construction others.

 The electricity supply department manager in the EUCL Mutesa Pascal thanked the Japanese government for its contribution as to allow the EUCL acquire effective tools and expertise to use in its operations.

Japan provided the EUCL with an additional electricity transformer that is able to provide more electric to users.

The Japanese financial contribution helped in establishing and running additional electricity power plants in different areas such as Rutongo, Musha and Jabana.

Mutesa Pascal said that the completed substation will feed users in Karenge, Musha and Ntunga in Rwamagana district.

He lauded the Japanese contribution as it allowed Rwanda have additional electrical power supply that is useful in boosting social and economic growth that Rwanda undertook.

The Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) affirms that its contribution has increased the electricity power supply at 15 per cent.

Not less than 150 thousand Rwandans are benefiting from these projects, 57 schools and seven heath centers have acquired enough electrical power to effectively carry out their daily operations.

Japan vows to keep backing Rwandan government in its projects as to achieve its social and economic long term projects as the Japanese Ambassador Takayuki Miyashita has put it.

The substation is hopefully able to supply more electricity to locals
Amb Takayuki Miyashita says that his government will keep backing Rwanda in its endeavors for social and economic development
Pascal Mutesa talking to media
EUCL and REG managers met with Japanese to discuss about different issues regarding this new substation.
EUCL worker explaining to visitors how the substation works
It is located in Musha sector Rwamagana district