Italian coach Vincenzo Alberto ‘likely’ to start coachig APR FC – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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APR FC is expecting a new head coach and this is one is believed to be the Italian born  Vincenzo Alberto Annese. The later is undergoing talks with APR FC’s senior management for possible new job of coaching one of the best football teams in Rwanda alongside Rayon Sports.

Vincente Alberto
Vincenzo Alberto

APR FC has recently revealed that it no longer working with coach Kanyankore Gilbert Yaounde and this has created a vacuum to fill as soon as possible.

Kanyankore has been coaching the White and Black colored team for one single month.

The team is currently under the management of Yves Rwasamanzi who is normally its deputy coach. APR FC has won the AS Kigali Pre-Season Tournament  that ended recently.

The news that Annesse is soon to start his coaching responsibilities was revealed to Umuseke by a Kenyan businessman named Chair Mondo who holds the Sports ON company that joins Europe based coaches and African aspiring football teams.

Vincenzo Alberto  served in different countries such as Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia and Estonia. APR FC will be the first football team in Africa to be coached by the youthful Vincenzo Alberto.


Standing besides the football Italian star Simone Inzaghi
Standing besides the football Italian star Simone Inzaghi
Vincenzo and the JFK Saldus Italian football team


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