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This Monday in Kigali, took place an International Summit on Tourism industry promotion  to discuss about what might hinder foreign investors to  massively invest in Africa in general and in Rwanda particularly.

ATLAS, 8th Summit at Kigali.

Concerning Rwanda, foreign investors hesitate because of rumors claiming our country  is not democratically ruled. ‘This is a serious handicap to tourism sector whereby potential investors, through online reading, decide to invest their assets elsewhere, instead of Rwanda ‘said Rica Rwigamba in charge of Tourism in RDB

She urged dignitaries to raise a common voice in order  to change  common  mindsets  relating to Africa and to Rwanda .She finds this  is a clever way  to attract investors to Africa and to Rwanda.

“Among 900 millions of prospective tourists across the world, only 50 millions visit Africa. Others claim Africa is full of famine, wars, deseases etc.This has to change”Rwigamba continued.

Rwanda is particularly a victim of its history relating to Genocide. People think Rwanda has  no lasting peace. “This hinders them to invest here in Rwanda” Rica highlighted.

‘Internet proves to be a good tool to advocate to investing in Africa Prof Dr Van Der Dium communicated to the gathering. He heads ATLAS Africa (Inter-universities organ for tourism colleges and universities).

‘RTUC is praised to have hosted the event and hopes the Summit will promote RTUC research efforts for tourism industry promotion in Rwanda’ Madame Mukarubega Zurfat,the  Legal Representative of RTUC assures.

Kanyamibwa Patrick