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 This Thursday,23,May,2013 , a delegation of Indian investors headed  to the country of Thousand Hills to learn more about  potential investment opportunities.The delegation has been co-organised jointly by Harresh N. Mehta and Haresh Mehta, the   managing director and director of Rohan Developers Pvt Ltd respectively.


According to Clarence Fernandes, the representative of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in India, the team will be in the country under the platform India – Rwanda Show 2013 and they will travel potential areas where they can invest their money.Rohan Developers Pvt Ltd is a  real estate and infrastructure development company.

“Mehta has played a key role in the organisation of India Show 2013 and has brought together investors and businessmen from the US, Portugal, Dubai, Georgia , Tanzania, Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur and Hyderabad among others,” said Fernandes in a statement to New Times where we got the story .

The group represent health care, education, manufacturing, mining, ICT, financial services, agriculture, tourism, hospitality and infrastructure sectors

Rwanda is full of business opportunities

“We have done adequate research and realised that Rwanda holds great potential for growth and development of various businesses. Our companies will bring in a multi-million dollar investment, given the business friendly environment that exists, coupled with good governance and zero tolerance to corruption.”Harresh N. Mehta said

“The Rwanda Development Board has facilitated our Programme to a great extent and we are confident of establishing ourselves in the country during our  visit.”added Mehta.

Ernest Rwamucyo, Rwanda’s High Commissioner to India noted that the India – Rwanda Show 2013 will go a long way to further strengthen the already strong trade and investment partnership between Rwanda and India.

“Rwanda offers tremendous investment opportunities. I believe the business leaders participating in the ‘Show’ will have a fruitful interaction with their Rwandan counterparts which will lay a foundation for future business and investment partnerships,” Rwamucyo told The New Times yesterday.

He stated that Rwanda is committed to continue building a conducive business environment and the Indian business leaders will use the opportunity to tap into the country’s business potential.

Fernandes added, “We appreciate the pro-active initiative of Rohan Developers Ltd. and the associated companies and other firms that have supported the initiative.”

For the last few years, there have been significant business engagements between Rwanda and India.

Several Indian firms have started operations in Rwanda including telecom giants Airtel and Rajesh Exports, which acquired gold mining concessions, and plans to invest $550 million in mineral exploration, among others.

“The company is ranked to be part of the fastest growing companies  in India and that its investment initiatives  in Rwanda will help  both countries to learn from each other as Rwanda ,in our days,  steps forward in development”Mr Albert Einstein MX, a native of India  volunteering  at

Nizeyimana Jean Pierre

Photo:The New Times