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Basing on his current PGGSS live performance, rapper Bulldogg affirmed he will win the contest if judgment is be fair enough.

“This can be confirmed by anyone has seen me in all preceding roadshows .I perform with energy, talent and entertainment” said a.k.a Sembyaliyimana bibero bikingira abarwanyi.

Ndayishimiye Malick a.k.a Bulldog

Reacting to a question about which artist he finds as better  performing as him, the rapper responded none.

“They know who I am and I know who they are. My talent makes difference”  continues the Tough Gang crew member.

The Cinema,Ibya Mirenge…singer urges his fans to keep on supporting him not only during this PGGSS III only but also even beyond that.

“Fans keep voting on my behalf, Vote 2 and let the Database go higher and higher…Tough Gang Forever…” Bulldog concluded.

Source: Inyarwanda.com

Nizeyimana Jean Pierre



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