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Mathias Nduwayezu found his real family members after 19 years of separation due to genocide. His When he separated with his family due to being genocide fugitives, the family that adopted him  managed to raise him for 19 years long  and have nicknamed him as Sebugondo Eurade.This was due to the fact that the boy was still too young to remember his real name.

Family happiness and unity

They were very happy to see each other again. Mother Isabelle and Sister Emma Iraguha were very delighted to have their boy back home.


As Mother Isabelle Akizanye explains to journalists, at the time genocide started, soldiers erupted suddenly into the house, took everything including money and left. Afterwards, Interahamwe threw grenades and killed people but mother survived with serious injuries. Son, Nduwayezu Mathias, fled to ex Zaire with one of their neighbors who managed to raise him as his own son there in the exile. The family lived in Gatsata, in the current Gasabo District

Mother Isabelle explains her sad history during 1994 genocide

An adopted son

Unfortunately for Nduwayezu his adoptive parents dead and.  After that, a certainThéoneste Harerimana found the little boy across the street .After searching for the boy ‘parents and missed them, Harerimana left the guy and went his way.

“He deserved life and education as any other child”-The adoptive Father told journalists

The child cried for help as Harerimana was leaving him alone.Harerimana had pity at hearing the child crying and took him with him.

The long way to real family life.

A Delighted Mother!

Even if mother Akizanye lost her husband and three other lovely children and survived with Iraguha a.k.a Mimi, she was hopeful that Harerimana a.k.a Kawubosi was still alive. Though his father was killed with two other children but his mother believed that his son Eurade was alive. That why she went again and again to give announcements in so many institutions and organizations in her trial to find her beloved son.

In its efforts to reunite lost parents with their family members, in 2000, the Red Cross brought  a boy who much resembled to Eurade but mother dined he was her real son.

On the other hand adoptive parents of Eurade was doing the same to find Eurade’ real  parents

‘My efforts are fruitful.The boy has a family now ,a real one’Nkuranga rejoices

On May 18 the Executive Manager on National Youth Council sent emails through social media(Facebook,especially) describing how Eurade thought his family members looked like and the place they were living in, approximately. It is at that time that a friend of his sister saw the announcement and informed the Eurade’s family.



On Wednesday this week they shed tears of joy to meet each other. Until today when they met with journalists they were still full of emotions for their family ties.

Mimi.She is more than just a sister.She is Eurade’ best friend indeed!
United angels in the realm of joy:Mother,Son and Sister


Eurade a.k.a Kawubosi completed his secondary school with 19 points in MCB. He is thankful to the family that raised him and proud for his real family and live happily with Mother and Sister.

Meanwhile, due to the fact that his real name has been changed because of the new circumstances, the National Youth Council assists him in the process of acquiring the former name he had before because that name is what fits most with his family identity

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