Grenade killed five persons in Gatenga Sector. – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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Two of them dead just after the event ,other four  dead  later at Hospital. Among these four ,two dead when they were under medical treatment at CHUK while other two passed away when they were at Police Hospital as RNP confirms this.


Wounded ones are being treated at Rwanda Military Hospital and at CHUK. Mildly wounded returned home to be taken care of by family members .

According to witnesses ,a person who  who drove a scooter is the one to have the grenade into the crowd.

Area where the grenade was thrown/Photo

The grenade was thrown in the Kabahizi Cell, in Ubumwe neighborhood  nearby the Nyabugogo  Market, an area commonly known as Marathon square.

CP Theos Badege told journalist that three persons are under the Police investigation and will provide more information on the killings.The grenade was thrown into the street where pedestrians pass coming from Nyabugogo towards Gitega Sector.

Blood of the innocent victim of the grenade/Photo

Talking to Umuseke CP Badege urges Rwandans especially ones living in Kigali, to remain calm and active in their daily activities as Police keeps on hunting these evildoers.


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