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Google’s next iPhone killer, the Pixel XL has been revealed in a new leaked image. According to Android Police, the picture shows a second generation Pixel XL, the larger of the two Pixel devices, with a 6inch screen. It is believed the handset will be made by LG, and will feature a radical ‘squeezable’ frame.

This phone is said to be squeezable

‘We are exceptionally confident that this image represents the overall look and feel of Google’s new smartphone, even if some small elements may not end up being representative of the final product,’ Android Police said.

Google is expected to announce the handset in October.

‘We believe that the new Pixel XL will have a ‘squeezable’ frame a la the HTC U11,’ the site says.

This would allow Pixel owners to squeeze their handset to interact with the Google Assistant.

The head of hardware at Google confirmed earlier this yearthat the firm is developing a second-generation Pixel for the ‘premium smartphone market’.

It is believed that the ‘Pixel 2’ could launch this fall, which would put the handset in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone 8.

The confirmation comes from Rick Osterloh during an interview with AndroidPT.

There is an annual rhythm in the industry,’ Osterloh said in the interview.

‘So, you can count on us to follow it’

‘You can count on a successor this year, even if you don’t hear a date from me now.’

Google debuted the first smartphones in its Pixel line during a conference in October 2016, a Pixel and the 5.5-inch Pixel XL.

In the leaked image, the handset’s fingerprint scanner now sits below the glass ‘window’ at the top of the phone, as opposed to inside it, likely because the window itself seems substantially smaller than the one on the 2016 XL.

Its new features revealed

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