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The Germany Minister of cooperation an development Dr Gerd Muller is visiting Rwanda to learn where its government can help in boosting the education sector.

Min. Gerd Muller chating with an IPRC student today
Min. Gerd Muller chating with an IPRC student today

This Thursday he visited the IPRC Kicukiro campus where he met the Rwandan Minister of education  Dr Papias Malimba Musafili and IPRC Kicukiro students and lecturers .

The germany Ambassador to Rwanda Peter Fahrenholtz was also present at place.

Min. Dr. Gerd Muller uttered that his country is willing to back Rwanda’s efforts to boost its education sector through increased Germany investments in the area.

He added that both nations have been cooperating in th sector for 22 past years.

Dr Muller lauded the education policies that Rwanda has set up and promised that his government will provide more inputs in the sector so to help university learners have more skills and create their own jobs.

Minister Dr Malimba from Rwanda said that the Germany government is intending to back Rwandan government in making technical schools more professional and productive.

The same policy will also be applied in financial management an engineering colleges, he added.

Germany has helped over 100 Rwandan students acquire technical and financial skills as they attend th German University of  Cazastroutain.

IPRC-Kicukiro lab where students practice their knowledge
IPRC-Kicukiro lab where students practice their knowledge
IPRC Kicukiro officials explaining to the German Minister of Cooperation and development Dr Muller about its missions and how effectively they are implemented
Min. Gerd Muller inspecting some of the machines being used by IPRC Kicukiro students