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Rwanda loses one of its heroes due to a car accident that happened in Nyagatare District yesterday as confirmed by his family relatives and friends.

Br Genera;l Gapfizi was in way back to Kigali from Nyagatare.He has been appointed was Army Chief in The Eastern Province  in the past but currently he commanded  the Reserve Forces  Section in the Eastern Province

Late Brig.Gen Dan Gapfizi ,Rest In Peace

He vehemently fought against the Genocide perpetrators during the War of Liberation of Rwanda of 1990-1994.

The Speaker of Rwanda Defense Forces told reporters that the car clash that took the life of Brig.General Gapfizi haapened when he left Nyagatare, in between Kagitumba-Kayonza.

A communiqué of Ministry of Defense  officially declared ‘the terrible loss’  of Brig.Gen Dan.It twitted that the whole nation loses a heroes that everyone mourns.

Here are his some his famous speeches:

1. According to Inzira ya Demokarasi, a magazine of the National Electoral Commission, during the electoral times(2010) ,he urged leaders of the Eastern Province ‘to keep on open eye to their people so to know who are new comers, who do not have IDs ,those who are in extremely needy situations so to in help to them’.

2. “What is most important to us is to develop the Reserve Forces so to be self-motivated and reliant .We wish our these Forces to be the fuel for development and change .You skills are to equip you with  enough strength to be economically fit” Brig. Gen Dan Gapfizi told Reserves forces from Gisagara 74 days ago

3. In its article N.2566, Imvaho Newspaper quoted Brig Gen Dan telling Reserve forces that ‘Rwanda is a safe country but that they are ready to fight against anything threatening that safety, at any time and at any cost’.

4. During a ceremony of handling cows to Reserve Forces in Ruhango District .23, April, 2013, he said:

“As H.E wishes every Rwandan to own a cow ,it is obvious that Reserve Forces deserve more attention as people who fought for the peace of this country and who are undergoing the reintegration  of normal life