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The Government of Rwanda through Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has privatized Gatsibo Rice Mill, a factory that processes rice based in Gatsibo District in the Eastern Province .The event took place on April, 22, 2013 with the presence of KAZOORA Naphtar (RDB) Norbert Sendege (MINAGRI), Dieudonné Itegeli (SOPAV) and Ruboneza Ambroise, Mayor of Gatsibo District, among other dignitaries.

Mr Itegeli Dieudonnée receives officially the Direction of the Plant .

The construction of this factory relates to an promise that His Excellence President Paul Kagame has made to inhabitants of Gatsibo District during his official visit in the district recently.Mr ITEGELI Dieudonné, speaking on behalf of investors from SOPAV(Société de Production d’Aliments des Végétaux) , expressed his gratification that his team has been entrusted to manage  that factory and that time comes for them to develop partnerships with local farmers in order to grow more rice to feed both Rwandan and outside markets.

He said: “In 2014, our factory will be able to process not less than 10 thousand of tons of rice .Our targets are to work closely with farmers from Rwagitima and Kanyonyombya rice plantations” The project also aims at processing rice peelings to convert them into electrical power using modern high technology in the field. As ITEGELI underlined, this will reduce the rate at which our natural environment is being harmed. These rice peelings will also feed the cattle raised in province where cattle raising profession is a first-class tool for food security.

Mr. Sendege Norbert, representative of Ministry of Agriculture in that event, reminded Gatsibo residents that their far- reaching dreams are soon to materialize. “The Ministry of Agriculture will back you in your assiduous efforts through enlarging cultivable land and this will be done through working closely with local farming cooperatives” Sendege revealed.

Mayor Ruboneza of Gatsibo District addressing journalists

Ruboneza Ambroise, Mayor of Gatsibo reminded the gathering that the situation has changed  for better and that farmers ,from Gatsibo,  should never misuse that privilege given them by His Excellence Paul Kagame President of Republic of Rwanda.

“Before Gatsibo residents consumed rice from Pakistan or Tanzania but now they feed home-grown rice branded ‘Gatsibo Rice’. This is a pride for Gatsibo inhabitants and for Rwandan citizens at large. This is a realization of his Excellence Paul Kagame who realizes his promises”.

Apart from processing rice planted in Gatsibo district, SOPAV also hires three thousands workers coming from different cooperatives from close neighborhoods.

Gatsibo Rice Processing Plant
Rice packs inside

The activities of farming do not only change lives of rice farmers but also the ones of cattle owners. “Able-bodied youth will reap fruits of their hardworking in these rice plantations” , Mayor Ruboneza concluded.

Daddy Sadiki Rubangura