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The Private Sector Federation (PSF) in Gasabo District in collaboration with the district authorities on Friday launched an investment company aimed at spurring economic development and encouraging residents to buy shares for their personal economic gain.

Mayor Ndayizeye launches GIG
Mayor Ndayizeye launches GIG

“The purpose of this company is to strengthen public-private partnership. We have enormous investment opportunities in the district, we plan for example to invest in energy and agriculture in the rural sectors of Gasabo,” said Fabrice Shema, PSF Chairman in Gasabo district during the launch last Friday.
Shema added the company will at the end of this year; finalise the preparation phase of a project to construct residential houses for the low income earners in Kigali City.

The mayor of Gasabo, Willy Ndizeye said his district will help the company exploit different investment opportunities available to the benefit of the company, local residents and the government.

Ambitious start 

During the launch, PSF revealed plans to modernise Kimironko market and the bus terminal.

This project has an investment portfolio worth Rwf25 billion.

Currently, Kimironko Market is frequented by 3,000 customers per day, while the terminal is used by 200 public commuter buses per day.

According to the plan, the new terminal will have the capacity to accommodate at least 300 buses.

The company will construct an ultra-modern three-storey market to replace the existing one, and the new facility will have a modern car-park and restaurants among other facilities.

For any prospective investors in the new market and terminal project, one is required to buy a minimum of 100 shares at a cost of Rwf1 million, as one share costs Rwf10,000.

The construction works are scheduled to start in July next year.

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