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This was uttered by the Private Sector Federation CEO Benjamin Gasamagera as he was closing a two weeks long exhibition that was taking place at Gikondo sector, Kicukiro district. Gasamagera said that the new Expo Ground will be set up at Gahanga sector, Kicukiro district, Kigali city and will cost not less than 50million$.

Min Kanimba and Gasamagera Benjamin
Min Kanimba and Gasamagera Benjamin

Some of the clients who talked to said that the quality of made-in-Rwanda products was remarkable but highly expensive compared to the rest of products of the same quality but imported.

However, the Rwandan Minister of Commerce and trade, Francis Kanimba invoked the fact that the made-in-Rwanda products are at good stage of quality and this will attract more buyers in the near future.

Min Kanimba urged sellers to assess how this ended exhibition and the former ones as to find out where improvements can be put.

He added that Rwandan economic actors should learn from the improvements done by their counterparts from foreign  countries as to make theirs more attractive and affordable.

Various foreign  sellers told Umuseke that Rwandans do appreciate their items but hesitate to buy due to the highly set prices.

One of the importance of such an exhibition is to attract more clients who can buy at the moment or choose to buy in the coming days once they appreciated the quality and price of a given item.

The above mentioned new Expo Ground is meant to be built in Gahanga sector and will cost not less that 50 million $ within two and half years, Gasamagera has said.

This will allow many traders to attend the exhibition and more clients will flow to the Expo market, officials predict.

Children who attended that Expo 2016 had somewhere to entertain
Many foreigners attended the Expo 2016 and said that Rwandans like their products but find they are highly expensive
Afrikan Hopes company was the one that performed well and was handed with a prestigious trophy
All the participants were handled with a cup as a recognition of merit
All the participants were handled with a cup as a recognition of merit