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Paris-June 24,2013,Capitain Paul Barril that was a commander in Reserve Forces known as Géndarme in French is accused to have been a complice to Genocide perpatrators in 1994 as Jeune Afrique  reports.

Captain Barril

Captain Barril is involved in the undergoing investigation on Habyalimana death where  he agreed that he has the Blcak box containing news on the cause of the clash.

Four human rights associations released  a motion against Barril. These associations include International Umbrella for Human Rights (FIDH),French Umbrella for Human Rights(LDH)and an Association of 1994 Genocide survivors.

They joined efforts in order to bring the Captain to Justice due to his suspected remarkable complicity in the massacres against Tutsi in 1994.

He is accused to have discussed with Kambanda Jean the Prime Minister if the epoch in how to provide adequate munitions aiming to exterminate Tutsi and quickly.

It is the first time for a French high commander to be accused for Genocide complicity or commission and wait a trial in French Justice System.

Patrick Baudouin says that the accusation number one lies on the fact that  ‘he made a contract where he promised to deliver munitions and that these munitions might have been used’.

Some say that that contract was based on the delivery of weapons worthy $ 1.650 000 Million.

According to MI6, Paul Barril with his legion trained militias from ‘Akazu’ that shot down the Habyalimana’ presidential aircraft.

Jeune Afrique reveals that classified documents narrating how the aircraft has been shot down were discovered by Lawyer Mark Trévidic in Barril’ house.

This case also concerns former Elysée officials  who appointed him as Army Chief Commander in Rwanda. For Jeune Afrique ,they knew that situation and have backed him throughout the scandal.

From 1990 to 1994,Capt Barril supervised all activities relating to military intelligence operations, trainings, army purchasing activities  during which France  helped Rwanda to acquire.