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According to Umuseke reporter in Rubavu District, four Rwandan women are killed in DRC as the war continues to rage  in Goma .The fighting started today between  9hoo AM and 10hAM .

Goma city/Photo Internet
Goma city/Photo Internet

Our reporter says that Rubavu inhabitants are fearful to cross the border for their daily businesses with Congolese.

Meanwhile,we are still searching more news according which another rocket has fallen to Rwandan territory around 4 PM, today.

In Goma, popular unrests were taking place today in Ndosho area as people wondered why FARDC and MONUSCO are not providing security and calm people deserve.

The reporter of Umuseke found news from a Rwandan named Hakizimana Ephraim about the death of four Rwandan women and other more Rwandans by Congolese street protesters.

The reporter continues saying that two Congolese helicopters are currently bombing M23 rebels and  are getting  closer  to Rwandan territory.

Martin Kobler, the Spokesperson of UN General Secretary in DRC affirms the commitment of the MONUSCO forces to neutralize the M23 rebels as UN backs the FARDC to fight against them.

Goma street  protesters
Goma street protesters

At the other hand,Mr. Lambert Mende yesterday told journalists that bombs that are befalling Goma originate from Rwanda. He continued accusing Rwanda to violate human rights and commit war crimes in DRC, allegations that Rwanda vehemently denies.

Recently DRC has signed military cooperation treaty  with Angola and South Africa. Presidents Jacob Zuma, Edouardo Dos Santos and Joseph Kabila met at Luanda, Angola, to put a signature over these military and police cooperation documents.

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