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After a long investigation carried out by RNP ,today June 12,2013  five students are under the RNP suspecting them to have burnt the school rooms .These students were part of ES Byimana when the house was burnt.

Suspected students

Through its Twitter wall, RNP affirmed the reality and said that those students agree they have burnt the schools “in order to create insecurity”.

ACP Badege with Journalists

ACP Badege told that the students are 14 and 16 years old. Currently they are imprisoned in Ruhango as further investigation continues.

“From 14 years old, one can face justice in 72 hours after the crime has been committed as the Legal Code stipulates”ACP Badege told Umuseke, rw reporter.

The Head Master of ES Byimana told reporter that whoever will be found guilty for the crime has to pay for what he/she did so to never think about committing the same mistake.

Two of these students study in senior four while another one has retaken senior one. The event is scheduled to be made public today probably.

Vénuste Kamanzi