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During a community work which took place at Kicukiro,last Sunday,PM Habumuremyi told participants that if one family members dies in unusual circumstances ,all neighbors will be accountable to responding in which situations the event might have taken place.

Prime Minister Habumuremyi Pierre Damien

PM talked about this due to recent and unusual deaths of family members who kill each. One of the most out-spoken causes of that situation relate to  family heritages concerning cultivable fields.

“It is unbelievable to hear a son has killed his dad, a dad killed his son, his wife…This is not part of culture and should cease to happen” PM Habumuremyi emphasized.

He reminded local population that before the event takes place, there is an observable family crisis that needs a quick intervention from  neighbors. Local inhabitants are required to bring the issue to Police or local authorities in order to intervene before scandal materializes.

ACP Badege Thèos supports the PM’s advices qualifying it as a contribution to the efforts deployed to end this.

ACP Badege says that ‘neighbors who ignored the crisis existing in the families, local authorities who might have neglected the situation etc… all of those people will be accountable for the death of the victim’.

Some people find this solution not much helpuf.For them, a psychological support to these families may be of great help in the prevention of the scandal.

Vénuste Kamanzi