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The European Union representative in Rwanda, Amb Michael Ryan infoms that a European delegation is willing visit Rwanda in the coming months to learn more on how gender principles are applied in Rwanda. Amb. Michael Ryan said that the delegation from Europe will be composed of Belgian MPs.

EU Ambassador to Rwanda Micheal Ryan talking to media
EU Ambassador to Rwanda Micheal Ryan talking to media

They are willing to interchange ideas with Rwandan members of parliament on how gender based issues are applied in Rwandan context and what they can likewise learn from the Rwandan experience, said Ambassador Michael Ryan.

He added that this will be a good opportunity for European Union representatives to fetch insights from Rwanda and adjust them to the European context.

Rwanda leads the list of nations having a large number of women in different public and private institutions.

Amb Ryan said that the European delegation will learn more from Rwandan NGOs with other groups that advocate for gender equality.

The EU delegation will also visit different places of Rwanda, exchange ideas with locals on how gender policies have impacted on their lives.

The Speaker of the Rwandan Parliement, Chamber of Deputies, Donatille Mukabalisa told reporters that the visit of EU members of parliament is a vibrant proof that Rwanda is performing well in that regard.

She added that this is a means by which Rwandan Parliament strengthens its bilateral ties with EU parliament

Amb Ryan gave a gift to Hon Mukabalisa
Amb Ryan gave a gift to Hon Mukabalisa
Amb Ryan at his arrival at the Rwandan Parliament
His interactions with Hon Mukabalisa focused on the forthcoming EU deputies’ visit to Rwanda
Hon Donatilla Mukabalisa said that the EU delegation to Rwanda is a proof that gender principles are applied in Rwanda


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