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Around 260 students who graduated from the EMVTC –Remera last week end are urging fellow young people to embrace technical schools as to learn vocational studies that are likely to improve their livelihoods.

Twahirwa explaining how the skills he earned are be
Twahirwa explaining how the skills he earned from the EMVTC -Remera

Most of them expressed to Umuseke that more job opportunities are waiting as they are equipped with skills to benefit them and the nation as whole.

The Manager of the EMVTC-Remera Nshimiye Jacques expressed his hope on the fact that his former students will get decent jobs or create their own as they have acquired enough skills.

Some of them learnt mechanical engineering and, according to Jacques, they are likely to get jobs in the near future.

He added that the EMVTC-Remera management keeps monitoring how their former students are performing outside as to back them in unfavorable situations where they need more help.

One of the graduates called Twahirwa was a former KIST student in Electronic and Telecommunication.
He said that he decided to embark on these additional studies as to improve his skills and increase the chances of creating his own job.

Twahirwa admitted that learning vocational and technical studies enable one to get quick and an income generating job.

He called upon his fellow young people to embrace such studies and avoid discouraging popular beliefs that learning technical studies is futile.

The only girl to have graduated from that school named Uwitije Diane was proud of her studies as she is currently an employee of a given garage that hired her.

She is skilled in wire management among other skills begotten.

Diane revealed that being an active garage worker is challenging for a female but a committed one overcomes them with time and experience.

She, therefore, calls upon the general female public to be fearless on this regard and get engaged into these so-called male oriented occupations.

The graduates wearing gowns
The graduates wearing gowns
SHE WAS THE MOST GIRL TO HAVE ATTEND THTE TECHNICAL She is the only girl to have attended the technical school
She is the only girl to have attended the technical school