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The Rwandan Minister of agriculture Geraldine Mukashimana told MPs that current agricultural reforms will significantly reduce poverty among Rwandans. She said that effective reforms in this regard will leave only 15.4 % of Rwandans poor.

Minister of agriculture Dr Geraldine Mukeshimana

However MPS expressed their concerns that such reforms will face monumental challenges that include scarce land and poor knowledge on the agricultural modernization and in rainwater management.

The today plenary discussion on agricultural modernization and its impacts on Rwandans’ livelihoods brought together different representatives of related entities.

Minister Mukeshimana underlines that the projected reforms will lay on four pillars namely research, mobilization on agriculture and animal husbandry, immunization of crops against diseases, women empowerment on this matter, and effective utilization of water and land.

In regard to animal husbandry, the Minister said that emphasis will be put on delivering piggs and chicken to locals as to help them have meet, eggs and money.

The implementation of these reforms is estimated to over 2.7 billion Rwandan francs. The big part of it will be spent into research.

The President of Chamber of Deputies Donatilla Mukabalisa
The plenary session that on agricultural reforms to take place in the seven coming years
The session took place in the Rwandan Parliament Building


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