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Households living in different districts of the Eastern Province are enduring food shortages that force some to flee to neighboring nations. This crisis was in part caused by long lasting drought that harmed crops. However local administrative authorities urge citizens to remain firm and think of adequate means to cope with the issue.

Beans that are affected by the diseases can't be consumed
Beans that are affected by the diseases can’t be consumed

The most affected sectors are located in Ngoma, Kayonza and Kirehe districts. Dwellers of Rwinkwavu sector told Umuseke that the food shortage arose due to the lack of regular rainfalls and therefore the drought affected their plantations.

One of them called Martha Ndererimana told Umuseke that some of his neighbors fled to Uganda in a search of adequate living means.

One of the local administration officials named Reverien Niyotwagira affirms that some households closed doors and went in other areas where they hope they can earn more money and then survive.

The governor of the Eastern Province Odette Uwamaliya recognizes the situation but deplores the fact that dwellers chose to flee to neighboring nations.

For her, the ones who fled should have stand firm and cope with the situation through thinking about means and ways to overcome it.

Four sectors of Kayonza district are hardly affected. These are Rwinkwavu, Murama, Mwili and Kabare.

In Kirehe district, the most affected sectors are Nasho and Mpanga while Rukumberi is the most challenged sector of Ngoma district.


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