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These provisions were made public by veterinaries and agricultural officials in Bugesera during a meeting to discuss on the policies to implement in the coming seven years in order to improve diet.

The Rwandans are expected to be eating 40 kilos of meat

Currently reports stipulate that each Rwandan eats at least ten kilos of meat and projects that this will significantly improve in the seven coming years as each Rwandan is excepted to eat fourth kilos within seven years to come.

Dr Theogene Rutagengwa operating in the Ministry of agriculture and animal resources said that for this to happen, animal breeders are encouraged to improve their techniques and have effective organizations for further massive production.

He encouraged each of them to apply modern animal breeding techniques and start breeding some domestic animals, namely pork and chicken, that produce quicker and more.

However some expects blame these provisions to be unrealistic as local veterinaries at decentralized levels are unaware of these numbers.

Dr Eugene Nkuranga urged them to work together with local veterinaries and animal breeders if more production is expected to materialize.

Dr Nkuranga Charles blames the figures to be unrealistic and not communicated to local partners
Dr RutagwendaTheogene