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According to a recent  Joint committee set up in the angle of understanding how far housing and citizenship conditions are made accessible  in the Community has found that Rwanda and Kenya stepped ahead  in the implementation of the bill. The study has been published during a One day Summit between officials from both countries that took place in Dar-er.Salaam ,Tanzania.

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Rwandan Minister in charge of EAC affairs, Miss Mukaruriza Louise twitted:  “This will help the citizens from  both countries to live and work freely in our nations  “.The study underlines the fact that Rwanda and Kenya are the first countries to finalize the issue ,considered to be a crucial part in towards full  integration.

monique mukaruriza
Minister Mukaruriza Monique in charge of EAC affairs

Concerning other countries being part of EAC, there still technical issues that hinder them from making that step because  still their respective populations do not have ID’s that can be adapted to the ones used in Rwanda  and in Kenya.

In addition to that ,Rwanda owns modern technological facilities  that read IDs and , according to the release, this will play an important role to exchanging goods between Rwandans and Kenyans.

To the other  hand , “there are still challenges relating  to labor and cross-borders circulation issues between both nations” Mr. Andrew Luzze, the Executive Secretary of East African Business Council stated. Among other crucial issues that need  early and deep treatments  include: pension-related issues, the lack of technology to read technological ID in other member countries of EAC, the lack of a coordinated education system across the Community’ Mr Luzze continues.

“The solutions to these challenges deserve a full participation of EAC countries as whole with close collaboration of our partners in development to bring these challenges to an end”Mr Andrew Luzze advised.

Since the release has been published , Rwandans ,as well as Kenyans ,must be ready a tough  competition in the joint  labor market.Now it is a ‘labor without borders’  situation between Rwanda and Kenya.