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Now that you know the importance of water and how critical it is to optimum functioning of the body, you may be convinced but not really committed to the behavior change of drinking more water.

Develop drinking water habits.

Usually when I counsel people on this aspect of creating and achieving health I get a variety of reactions ranging from 1)it’s inconvenient 2) I have to use the toilet more often 3) I don’t like water or 5) I already drink other beverages.

My response to numbers 1  & 2 is that the person is right. It is inconvenient to carry water around and yes, you do need to use the toilet more often. If your health is important to you, you will find a way to accommodate the issue of inconvenience.

I invite you to consider that your health is the only thing that allows you any success or progress in your life. Without health none of us can work toward creating peace or improving the quality of life we experience. Without health we are nothing and can do no-thing that is worthwhile. Without health we have no energy or motivation for our job or our family. I ask you, isn’t it worth a little inconvenience to have the life you desire?

Now as far as not liking water, that can be addressed. The quality of water is important. Most everyone here knows how important it is to treat water to prevent water borne diseases. Boiling, chemical treatment and filtration are the most common methods.

Boiling leaves the water tasting flat and unappealing. Adding chemicals such as chlorine kills bacteria but causes exposure to the chemicals. Leaving the filtration method which can be expensive. The last option is buying water in commercially packaged plastic bottles.

Personally, I prefer filtration. I haven’t done a cost comparison between filtration and bottled water but I think filtration is better for two main reasons. Filtration is more sustainable because the equipment is usually long lasting and the water tastes good.

A teacher showing to pupils the importance of Water

Filtration is convenient. You can get a drink of water at any time when you’re home and fill your own bottle when you go out.  Bottled water adds to the burden of managing plastic waste, requires stopping at a store and creates litter on the streets. Additionally, chemicals from the plastic bottle seep into the water during storage.

These chemicals have been shown to create disease and disruption in the biochemistry of the body.  There is a very effective filtration system that is manufactured right here in Kigali that is inexpensive over the life of the filter and does not require replacement parts. I have been using this system for several years and have been very happy with it. If you would like more information on this system, just leave a comment in the comment section below and I will get the information to you.

After choosing the method you want to use to have clean, pure water, you will want to consider other factors that may prevent you from drinking water. Usually the things that we aren’t aware of are very simple. Some people like to put in a bit of lemon or citron just for flavor even when the water is pleasant tasting to others.

That is a very healthy addition. Some people like to drink water out of a cup or use a straw instead of using a bottle. Some people like a sports bottle instead of a capped bottle. These may seem like small issues but I have found for myself and others that they can really make a difference.

I encourage you to pay attention to your preferences and find a way to make water a high priority on your road to health. Change doesn’t happen overnight and with diligent effort you can create a healthier lifestyle, one sip at a time!!! Your body will thank you by functioning at its highest level.

As always your comments and questions are appreciated and welcomed.

Be Well


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