DRC accuses Rubavu inhabitants to be spies of Rwanda in DRC. – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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This period whereby armed conflicts are devastating DRC,the neighboring Rubavu districts inhabitants are accused to be spies of Rwanda and are both physically and psychologically tortured.

This young man has been arrested being accused to be M23′ spy

Local population told Umuseke that  free circulation and movements have drastically reduced due to the unsecured  situation  in the neighborhood.

One Congolese youth told us that Rwandans and whoever looks like them are mistreated, harassed and tortured. He himself told Umuseke that his wealthy worthy 2.5 M Rwf  has been innocently confiscated and when he went to search for help, local officials did not react positively to his claims due to the fact he resembles to Rwandan people’ he told Umuseke.

These stones are making up the border between Rwanda and DRC

“The common speech of Congolese officials is that any Rwandan is the enemy of the DRC despite his  being military or not”Mr Hassan Slum added.

Sangwa Fidèle chatting with Journalists

Sangwa Fidèle, a  Rwandan citizen told Reporters that his step brother has been jailed suspecting him to a Rwandan spy.

He was released two long hours later after being  mistreated hardly.

Both Congolese and Rwandan population wish  a calm situation to keep on doing their formal activities as usual.More people keep doing their daily activities that they were used to do despite this unpredictable military situation prevailing in the region.



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