Djamal Mwiseneza joins the APR FC – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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Mwiseneza Djamal has joined the APR after signing a two years long contract.  The player affirmed to UM– USEKE that the veracity of the news.

Mwiseneza Djamal( the one in bleu and white)
Mwiseneza Djamal( the one in blue and white)

The 28 years old has been  encountering challenges with his former team Rayon Sports.The misunderstandings were based on the signing a new contract.

During  the signing event of the contract, the APR FC chairperson Gen Kabarebe James was present.

Last month, the Rayon sports management has issued a letter providing a permission to choose any team to sign a contract, as both sides did not convene about the amount to provide to Djamal for the new contract.

Mwiseneza Djamal wanted 10 million Rwf, and a monthly salary of 400 000 while the Rayon Sports management provided him with 8 million.

We have no tangible information regarding the amount of money he has been provided for the signing of the new contract.


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